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What went wrong with Bielsa’s Leeds United? How can Marsh help the team avoid relegation?

The Argentine left the team as a modern-day Leeds legend, so how did things unravel so quickly that brought his side so close to relegation?

Bielsa’s sacking once again proved that the huge wealth gap between the Premier League and the Championship leaves no room for affection.

The club will lose at least £50m if Leeds are relegated this season, whatever anyone has to say about the team’s recent performance, this is the “hardest decision ever made by chairman Andrea Radrizzani to sack Bielsa” “The only reason.

Bielsa has rightfully become a Leeds legend, and he’s not the first to revive a sleeping giant or take a Championship club to the middle of the Premier League, but few have built such a strong presence in the process. Emotional bond.

Ultimately, the fear of relegation has outweighed the feelings; outweighed the bonds that make this project so special. Relationships like these are no longer considered the most important part of football, a harsh indictment of modern football.

It has been suggested that Bielsa is likely to leave at the end of the season anyway, so it would be pragmatic rather than callous to bring his departure forward by a few months.

But, even if it were true, Bielsa deserved a chance to battle relegation and go away in his own way, to a standing ovation and goodbye from the fans at Elland Road.

We have reason to believe that Leeds United may be able to stay out of the relegation, despite the fact that the team’s bottom line has completely fallen over the past few weeks.

Yes, this has all the hallmarks of a typical Bielsa debacle, but it should be noted that before those six winless games – including three against traditional Liu Qiang, by the way – they were already on a winning streak in the Premier League. .

Leeds are still not in the relegation zone and a recovery is possible with Calvin Phillips and Liam Cooper returning after a fortnight.

Bielsa deserves this chance to turn the tide, not least because he shouldn’t be a victim of his own success. The majority of Leeds’ players are still of Championship standard and he should not be punished for failing to repeat the miracle.

However, given the apparent slump in form, Ladrizzani would find his decision justified, even though the underlying numbers point to a simple story of injuries disrupting Bielsa’s season.

Their expected goals (xG) and expected goals conceded (xGA) figures are significantly worse than last year. As things stand, by the end of the season, they will have 12 fewer expected goals and 13 more expected goals conceded, which is a 25-goal difference, and these figures neatly capture Leeds United’s The question is how it arises in both restricted areas.

If that sounds obvious, the point here is that Leeds continue to play with the same tactical dexterity, desire and skill in the overall structure of their attacking and defensive organisation. What’s missing are those final blows — those final blows made by Bamford on offense or Cooper on defense.

Compared to last season, Leeds have the same number of shots on goal (13.7 per game) and similar chances created (9.88 per game, down from 10.4 last season), but their goal conversion rate has improved from last season’s 11.9% dropped to 8.2%. Bielsa really needs Bamford.

Defensively, Leeds’ passes per defensive action (PPDA, a measure of a team’s pressing ability) have actually improved this season, falling from 10.3 to 9.7, while their interceptions have also increased. Up slightly, at 10.8 per game compared to 10.4 in 2020-21.

But Leeds kept conceding the ball because they lacked Cooper, who last season was in interceptions (2.4 per game), tackles (2.7 per game), blocked (1.3 per game) and won in the air Confrontation (3.8 per game) ranks first in Leeds United.

Clearly, something has really changed over the past six games, with exhaustion and lack of confidence allowing Bielsa’s high-stakes tactics to fall like a house of cards.

That’s always been the case for a team so fine-tuned and so focused on offense, but with Cooper and Phillips back, a sense of control and order is likely to reappear in the next easier schedule roundup.

That state of optimism now awaits Jesse Marsh, the former New York and Salzburg head coach, who will be named as Bielsa’s successor.

Marsh was sacked earlier this season during his six-month tenure at RB Leipzig, which finished 11th in the Bundesliga in the Champions League, but Leeds fans shouldn’t be let down by the small Intimidated by the episode.

Until then, Marsh’s career had been on a sharp upward trajectory, and even the end at Leipzig could be read positively.

Marsh wasn’t a good fit, as Nagelsmann changed the club’s tactical positioning, turning Leipzig into a more patient and possession-oriented team, not interested in high-intensity pressing. For Marsh, who came from the German academic school, it was too difficult to put things back in the other direction.

It was by no means his task at Leeds – a club with a tactical vision that was largely the same as the incoming manager.

The fundamentals that gave Marsh back-to-back doubles at Salzburg are similar to those of Rangnick, who appointed Marsh as his assistant manager at Leipzig.

As Rangnick’s protégé, it’s no surprise that Marsh believes in high pressing and attacking with a sharp vertical ball. He wants his team to press up front and take advantage of the ensuing chaos to break down the opposition’s defence, moving quickly into the back in typical Germanic style.

This makes his transition to Bielsa seamless, although some of the riskier practices of Bielsa’s time will be limited. Marsh is less dogmatic and will take a more dispassionate and pragmatic approach to his task.

Above all, he doesn’t believe in the man-to-man press that Bielsa used, which meant an end to those frantic fights and a void in midfield.

Instead, under Marsh, Leeds will try to stay in a compact system, keep the distance between players small, and press in a formation-preserving manner – blocking space, not players.

Marsh’s Leeds will be more like Hasenhuttl’s Southampton; defined by pressing and attacking transitions, but also understand the need to fall into a safer midfield for extended periods of time against stronger opponents necessity.

The relaxation of the most demanding and revealing aspects of Bielsa’s tactics, combined with the return of Cooper, Phillips and Bamford, may be enough to restore some balance to the squad.

It won’t be exciting or emotional, but it’s a smart appointment as the next step in Leeds’ mission to become a full-fledged Premier League team.

Tottenham suffers three-game losing streak, Conte admits that there is little hope of entering the top four

Tottenham suffered a three-game losing streak again, Conte admits that the team has little hope of competing for the fourth

After losing 2-0 to Wolves, Tottenham suffered a three-game losing streak, and Conte admitted that the team’s hopes of competing for the fourth place were very slim.

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The goals of Jimenez and Dendonkel in the first half allowed the away Wolves to take all 3 points in North London, and now Tottenham has only 0 points in the past 3 league rounds.

Conte, who has been undefeated in 9 consecutive games since taking office, has now suffered a 3-game losing streak. He admits that he lacks the mentality to win at the crucial moment and his team will not be able to enter the top four.

Conte said: “It’s impossible to qualify for the Champions League when you lose two games in a row at home and the previous game against Chelsea.”

“The problem is, you can’t buy a winning mentality. You can only communicate it day by day, some players are more open, they understand the process quickly, other players need more time to understand it.”

“The winning mentality, in my opinion, means when you’re playing, thinking ‘I’m ready to kill you, and I’m going to live’. It’s about every confrontation, every second drop and every positioning Ball difference.”

Conte’s honeymoon period really looks to be over, having also seen his side get knocked out by Chelsea in the Carabao Cup semi-final after taking over from Nuno late last year.

This is the second time Tottenham have suffered a three-game losing streak in the league this season, and they also achieved this embarrassing result under Nuno last September. This is the first time since the 2004-05 season that Tottenham have suffered so many consecutive defeats in the Premier League.

Losing to Manchester City dashes title hopes, what’s next for Lukaku, Tuchel and Chelsea?

The Belgian striker was criticised by his coach following Saturday’s 1-0 loss to Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium.

Chelsea’s Premier League title hopes were dashed by Manchester City’s 1-0 win at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday afternoon, and the Blue Moon’s on-field advantage was not something the final score would show.

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In fact, Tuchel must now consider the impact of being led by the nose at Manchester City.

Tuchel won three games in a row against Guardiola last season, culminating in a Champions League trophy in Lisbon in May.

However, the Blues were again beaten in worrying one-sided fashion in Manchester following a loss at Stamford Bridge last September, with De Bruyne’s long-range strike deservedly solving City’s title struggles.

Chelsea knew they needed a win to keep their Premier League title hopes alive, however, they never looked close to winning. In fact, they didn’t even have a shot in the first half.

They did have a good chance after the break, but Lukaku’s poor shot was saved by Ederson.

The £97.5million Chelsea signing from Inter Milan has recently put more pressure on himself to justify his huge transfer fee, in addition to giving an interview to Sky Sport Italia without permission and saying Declare his love for his former club in the interview.

While he has apologized, he has also been exposed to criticism, and his recent performance has not been good enough to keep his critics at bay.

The performances of Lukaku and the rest of Chelsea’s attackers did not cause any problems for City’s backline.

Remember, Lukaku’s arrival was hoped to add a whole new dimension to the Blues’ attack, but he has only scored eight goals in 21 appearances in all competitions this season.

Some believe the Belgian striker is once again isolated up front, but Tuchel disagrees.

“Lukaku sometimes needs to do something to help himself,” Tuchel told BT Sport after the game. “He has lost the ball a lot in very promising situations and he has a good chance to score.”

“Of course we also want to create chances for him, but he is part of the team and we can do better up front.”

“We’ll never give up, but if City win every game, nobody can catch them.”

Chelsea are still in a better position than most chasers. They are still on track to win two titles (Club World Cup and League Cup) by the end of February, while they remain one of the favourites to win the Champions League and FA Cup.

However, the Premier League table paints a disturbing picture of the team’s current strength.

If the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham win the games they play less, they will go straight to the Blues, and if Liverpool beat Brentford, Chelsea will lose their second-place spot.

With these teams mostly less busy schedules, Tuchel’s side could easily be drawn into another brutal battle for a top-four finish.

When asked if Chelsea were looking at the table now, Tuchel responded: “Why do we look at the table? If you listen carefully to what we say, the only place we look at is ourselves.”

“I don’t have time to look at the fixtures or the table, I don’t understand the question, but yeah, that’s part of being a top team: you’re being chased. That’s the Premier League.”

Chelsea may be the defending champions of the Champions League, but they have only barely finished in the top four of the Premier League for the past three seasons, and the team could soon find themselves in a similar situation again this season.

The Blues’ Premier League title hopes were dashed at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday afternoon, but their run to the Champions League is about to begin.

Liverpool’s golden boy Gordon gives Klopp hope for the future

The 17-year-old scored his Liverpool debut against Shrewsbury and showed once again why he is one of England’s most promising youngsters.

At the end of the game there was a standing ovation and a signature Klopp hug.

It was indeed a good performance.

At Liverpool, people thought Cade Gordon could be on top of the world, and you can understand that. At Anfield on Sunday, the teenager showed his huge potential.

His third professional game brought his first professional goal, and it was a very good one, in the end Klopp’s half-main half-academy squad beat Shrewsbury 4-1 .

At 17 years and 96 days, Gordon is the second-youngest goalscorer in Reds history behind Ben Woodburn, who was a few years younger than he is now when he scored against Leeds in 2016. months.

The FA Cup may not be what it used to be, but it is still a stage to announce its arrival. Gordon was an infant when Liverpool last won the FA Cup, but his speed and shooting drove fans crazy.

“This is Cade!” Klopp laughed when asked about the youngster in his post-match press conference. “From the point of view of shooting, he is already an adult.”

Of course, Gordon has impressed since moving to Liverpool from Derby County 12 months ago. Like any other player who made it to Liverpool’s first team under Klopp – like Alexander-Arnold, Harvey Elliott or Curtis Jones – he has the ability to stay in the first team.

The ability to touch the ball with the first foot, the ability to protect the ball, the ability to kick the ball up, and the ability to connect with teammates. It was a display of composure, clarity and confidence, especially in and around the box.

Klopp said: “He’s really calm in these situations, I wouldn’t say for the rest of his career he’s always going to score in these situations, but I’m pretty sure more often he will. Goal in this situation because that’s who he is.”

Gordon isn’t the only young man to shine at Liverpool either. The game against Shrewsbury was Liverpool’s fourth-youngest ever starting line-up, with an average age of just 22 years and 187 days, but Klopp’s kids, as they often do, came out on top.

Conor Bradley, the 18-year-old right-back, recovered from a difficult first half-hour of the first half with a performance full of enthusiasm and purpose. The Northern Ireland international has been involved in two of Liverpool’s four goals, including Gordon’s, and will develop into a quality player once his body develops.

Tyler Morton, 19, was brilliant in midfield, and it was heartening to see another homegrown player, Max Waltman, lead the line in the first 45 minutes.

Morton and Waltman joined Liverpool’s academy at the age of six and have now made appearances with the first team at Anfield and the San Siro. “I’m so proud of Waltman,” Morton said after the game.

If that doesn’t bring a smile, what can?

Dixon Bonner, 21, also had a good game and would have scored a goal had it not been for the stunning response from the Shrewsbury goalkeeper.

In the second half, the Ethiopian-born German youth international Fraundorf made his debut, another young Liverpool native James Norris made his Anfield debut, and two teenagers – James Balakiz and Isaac Mabaya – On the bench. “There were a lot of really good little stories today,” Klopp said.

We know that Liverpool will need to update and supplement their squad over the next few years, and if they can continue to pull from the inside, with the likes of Gordon, Elliott and Jones, it will be a very Wonderful results.

Of course, Klopp is quick to point out that even a player as talented as Gordon still has some way to go. “He has time, if he works as hard as he has so far, then…” he said.

Of course, Gordon may get more opportunities in the coming weeks. With Salah and Mane leaving for the Africa Cup of Nations and Origi still sidelined with a knee injury, Liverpool’s attacking options are undoubtedly stretched.

Expect to see Gordon on the bench in the Carabao Cup semi-final with Arsenal, maybe in the Premier League with Brentford and Crystal Palace, and he will definitely be in the 2 Started against Cardiff at the beginning of the month.

However, these are all later stories. Today, he can look back on his performances, his fantastic debut in the FA Cup and his first big moment in a Liverpool shirt.

This won’t be his last.

Renewing Dembele, renting out Kuniao and Umtiti: What might happen to Barcelona’s January transfer window?

Barcelona have already signed Ferran Torres, but before the end of the month, the Nou Camp should have a lot of transfer activities.

So far, the Barcelona season has been a disaster for all to see.

During the winter break, they ranked seventh in La Liga, trailing leaders Real Madrid by 18 points, and were eliminated in the Champions League group stage and need to play in the UEFA Europa League qualifying round.

Coman’s dismissal of get out of class and Harvey’s arrival have brought optimism to the club, but continued injury problems and the recent outbreak have left Barcelona in a vulnerable state as it enters 2022.

Depay’s performance in the frontcourt is not convincing in the summer, and it does not seem to be suitable for the tactical system that Harvey likes, and Aguero retires early due to a heart problem.

Luke De Jong has been criticized, the young player Demir on loan is ready to leave, and Eric Garcia, who signed in the summer, is still adapting.

Therefore, Barcelona urgently needs reinforcements at both ends of the stadium, only Araujo’s performance in the central defender position is convincing, and scoring has always been a big problem for Barcelona.

Since Harvey took office, Barcelona have played more purposefully and intentionally, but they are still struggling. They have not seized the opportunities they created. The team still has a lot of room for improvement.

Potential to join

Barcelona have signed Ferran Torres from Manchester City for 55 million euros, but need to cut spending to register the frontcourt generalist.

The deal highlights the club’s unstable financial situation and provides a useful guide in predicting which other players may join in January. In fact, it is clear that Barcelona will want to acquire players on short-term loan, and maybe add a buyout option in the summer.

Morata is a goal and the club has confirmed this, although Barcelona will have to be creative again to bring in the Spanish striker.

Morata was loaned to Juventus this season. If Juventus can get a replacement, they are willing to let the Spaniard striker leave, but Morata’s home team Atletico Madrid will not want to strengthen the strength of its direct rival Barcelona.

However, Atletico Madrid will pay Griezmann to Barcelona, ​​so there may be room for negotiation, which is currently loaned to Atletico Madrid. Morata has agreed to the transfer, apparently he will be a player more suitable for Harvey’s tactics than Depay.

Most of the other players with rumors with Barcelona will expire after the end of the season.

Chelsea’s Aspilicueta and Christensen are potential new players, but because Tuchel’s team has been hit hard by injuries, they are unlikely to be allowed to leave early.

Barcelona have also been paying attention to Zakaria in Borussia, but he is not expected to leave before the summer.

Potential departure

There are many players in the Barcelona team that can leave at the right price, although the team is particularly eager to clean some of them.

Coutinho, the team’s iconic champion, is one of Barcelona’s most wanted players. His annual salary of 20 million euros has hindered the club financially, and Xavi seldom lets him play because he obviously doesn’t trust Brazil. people. In fact, Coutinho’s current appearance is behind the teenagers Garvey, Nico and Pedri.

However, due to the high salary of the former Liverpool player, it is difficult for him to find a buyer. The club hopes that Newcastle will provide him with a chance to return to the Premier League.

Umtiti is in a similar situation, although the French defender seems reluctant to leave. His injury issues, as well as his salary, mean that the club is unwilling to take risks on him.

Demir, who was loaned from the Vienna Rapids, has not participated in the training. After a good start in Barcelona, ​​his time has come. Harvey prefers the young people of the B team Ilias Akholm and Eze -Aboud.

The arrival of Alves may also pave the way for Durst to leave the club. Harvey does not trust the American international. Between Alves and Mingesa, Barcelona has enough manpower at the right-back position to allow Durst to leave.


The difficulty of selling Coutinho and Umtiti means that renting them may be a more realistic option, and Barcelona still has to bear part of their wages.

In terms of young players, Barcelona has not historically been particularly keen on letting their La Masia talents go out to play football, and with so many injuries at present, it is even more impossible. The pipeline directly into the first team has been restored after being abandoned for many years.

For some players, such as Phuket, when a team expressed a desire to loan to Barcelona, ​​they all refused, in order to get the players as close as possible to realize their dreams at the Nou Camp.

However, young forward Alex Corrado has agreed to loan to Granada because he missed the first half of the season when his deal with Sheffield United failed, and it was too late. Register for Barcelona or Barcelona B team.


The biggest problem for Barcelona is Dembele’s contract, which will expire in the summer. He originally came here with a transfer fee of 147 million euros, but so far, his performance has not met expectations.

Frequent injuries prevented the French winger from playing often, and many of his off-field behaviors, especially in the first few years of Barcelona, ​​made the club staff feel frustrated.

Despite this, the club still wants to give him a chance to shine under Harvey. Harvey admires Dembele very much. He can use players like Dembele to beat players one-on-one on the wing.

In addition, renewing his contract will also help register Ferran Torres, as his transfer fee amortization will be shared over the additional years.

However, according to Goal Football’s previous report, negotiations on Dembele’s contract renewal have now collapsed, which means that Dembele’s future is still up in the air.

Roberto’s contract will expire this summer, but the club has promised to give him a new contract, although he is currently recovering from surgery. The club will hope to significantly reduce his salary, but before he is injured, the two sides have not reached an agreement.

Garvey’s contract is also a topic, because his termination clause is only 50 million euros. After becoming popular, Barcelona hopes to increase the termination clause and provide him with a salary that is more in line with his outstanding performance.