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MLB/Harbo and his brains moved to his brother to find former teammate Wang Jianmin to connect

The major league unblocking is still far away. Phillies star Bryce Harper recently shouted to the Japanese Yomiuri Giants that he intends to work part-time to kill time. This time, he will target the CITIC Brothers team, and he wants to connect with his former teammate Wang Jianmin. , asked about job opportunities, and made Taiwan fans look super hi.

It has been more than 90 days since the major leagues entered the closure in December last year. The players have not been able to report to the spring training base. It is unknown when the season will start. , …

NHL officially confirms that players will not participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics due to the epidemic

North American Hockey League (NHL) President Bateman said today that due to the disruption of the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) epidemic, NHL players will not participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics Men’s Ice Hockey Tournament in February next year.

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Agence France-Presse reported that the NHL announced today that it is suspending competitions after 50 games were postponed because of the COVID-19 infection of many team members. On the occasion of the Olympics.

Gary Bettman said in a statement today that the NHL respects and appreciates players’ desire to represent their country and participate in “sports’ highest …

NHL-Red Wings scored three consecutive goals to reverse the Sharks to tie the total score to 2-3

The NHL jerseys for sale North American Hockey League continues to compete in the divisional semifinals. In the just-concluded game, the Detroit Red Wings scored three consecutive goals in a disadvantageous situation from a 1-3 deficit, and finally reversed the San Jose Sharks 4-3, saving a match point and rewriting the big score between the two sides to 2 than 3.

Detroit Red Wings 4-3 San Jose Sharks

The Red Wings have made the playoffs 25 times in the last 27 seasons, including 20 consecutive playoff appearances, the most consecutive playoff appearances of any team in North America. The Red …

The most famous controversy in NHL history

In the sixth game of the 1999 finals, Xingchen and Sabre fought an epic battle. The two teams won only three extensions. However, the scene of “Foot in the crease” at the end of the game became a famous controversy in NHL history. one.

In professional sports events, “controversy” is an unavoidable part. In addition to off-field disputes, judgments on the field often become the focus of attention. The game caused an uproar.

On the fast-paced ice hockey rink, the number of controversial judgments is countless. The most well-known incident occurred on the most grand stage of the NHL: the …