WSBL / Song Peixin, the first Chinese female player to make her debut in the first cycle

In the 17th season of WSBL, Chinese-American players are open to join. Cheap Jerseys From China Taiyuan team “rushes to burn” and signed up for “Sophia” Song Peixin, who has NCAA first-level qualifications, but the new members have not received work permits, so it is still unknown whether they can catch up with the opening game on the 17th. cheap nfl jerseys .

Taiyuan coach Qiu Qiyi said that Song Peixin had already finished her isolation, but because she has not yet obtained her work permit, she can only train independently and cannot join the team for practice.

“We have a men’s basketball team (Yulong), we know the process, and we can’t participate in team training without a work permit.” Qiu Qiyi mentioned that if it goes well, Song Peixin’s work permit may be available this week, so there is a chance to start the first round on the 17th. NFL Appeared.

Song Peixin, 23, was born in California, the United States, and her father is Taiwanese. She won the Almont League Player of the Year 3 times in high school, and won the NCAA-level UC Davis scholarship. After graduating from college, she went to study in the UK and joined the British basketball league WBBL.

Qiu Qiyi said that Song Peixin initially wanted to die to study at a new university, but due to the possibility of being over-aged, he finally did not get his wish. He Zhengfeng, the new coach of the world, introduced that Lin Fangrong, the agent of “Sophia”, was also born in the Taiyuan women’s basketball system. Connect online.

“I have seen her videos. She prefers fixed-point shooters, which can raise the team’s height.” Qiu Qiyi mentioned that if Song Peixin, who is 176 cm, can integrate into the team system, plus Luo Peizhen, who is 175 cm, Huang Pinzhen, who is 179 cm, and Wu Yingjie, who is 178 cm. With Zhuo Jing and Fang Yu, who are 172 cm in height, the average height is about 175 cm, which is a very beautiful “height”, and their positions do not overlap with each other. It is expected that the new combination can progress towards the set championship goal.