Wagner, a strong arm who expects to be inducted into the Hall of Fame by increasing the percentage of votes, “I am the majority”

Billy Wagner, who played an active role as one of the leading closers in the ball world centered on the Astros, was the seventh challenge to vote for the National Baseball Hall of Fame this time. In all of the first four times, the percentage of votes was 10% or more and less than 20%, but when it increased significantly to 31.7% in 2020, which was the fifth challenge, it steadily increased to 46.4% last time and 51.0% this time. The voter turnout is increasing. “I’m in the majority right now. More than half of the voters think they should be inducted into the Hall of Fame. I think they’re leaning in the right direction,” he seems to be responding.

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Wagner, now 50 years old, pitched 903 innings in 853 games in total for 16 years, and recorded 47 wins, 40 losses, 422 saves, an ERA of 2.31, and 1196 strikeouts. In the final year of his career (2010) when he played for the Braves, he pitched 69 times 1/3 in 71 games, 7 wins, 2 losses, 37 saves, an ERA of 1.43, and 104 strikeouts. He was elected, but he took off his uniform with some spare time. He had an ERA of 3 points or more only once in 2000 (ERA 6.18), when he had an ERA and was able to pitch in only 28 games due to his elbow injury.

He recorded the number of saves in 6th place in history (2nd place in the left arm), with a strikeout rate of 11.92 and a batting average of .187, which is the highest among pitchers with a total of 900 innings or more. It’s arguably one of the major closers in history, but the hurdles to being inducted into the relief pitcher’s hall are very high, and so far Goose Gossage, Hoyt Wilhelm, Rory Fingers, Bruce Sutter, Dennis Eckersley, Lee. -Only eight people, Smith, Trevor Hoffman, and Mariano Rivera, have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

“I know there are a lot of people talking about the lack of innings, but I think they pitched more than that,” Wagner said. He says he has already begun preparing his speech for the day he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Former colleague Jeff Bagwell emphasized the intimidating feeling that Wagner gave to the batter, saying, “When I talk to a batter who has played against Wagner, everyone says he didn’t want to play against Wagner.” Also former colleague Craig Biggio said, “Billy is making great strides towards being inducted into the Hall of Fame. He has had a great career. He was a great man and a great teammate. I pray for being inducted into the Hall of Fame.” I ate an ale to.