Tottenham suffers three-game losing streak, Conte admits that there is little hope of entering the top four

Tottenham suffered a three-game losing streak again, Conte admits that the team has little hope of competing for the fourth

After losing 2-0 to Wolves, Tottenham suffered a three-game losing streak, and Conte admitted that the team’s hopes of competing for the fourth place were very slim.

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The goals of Jimenez and Dendonkel in the first half allowed the away Wolves to take all 3 points in North London, and now Tottenham has only 0 points in the past 3 league rounds.

Conte, who has been undefeated in 9 consecutive games since taking office, has now suffered a 3-game losing streak. NFL He admits that he lacks the mentality to win at the crucial moment and his team will not be able to enter the top four.

Conte said: “It’s impossible to qualify for the Champions League when you lose two games in a row at home and the previous game against Chelsea.”

“The problem is, you can’t buy a winning mentality. cheap nfl jerseys You can only communicate it day by day, some players are more open, they understand the process quickly, other players need more time to understand it.”

“The winning mentality, in my opinion, means when you’re playing, thinking ‘I’m ready to kill you, and I’m going to live’. cheap jerseys It’s about every confrontation, every second drop and every positioning Ball difference.”

Conte’s honeymoon period really looks to be over, having also seen his side get knocked out by Chelsea in the Carabao Cup semi-final after taking over from Nuno late last year.

This is the second time Tottenham have suffered a three-game losing streak in the league this season, and they also achieved this embarrassing result under Nuno last September. This is the first time since the 2004-05 season that Tottenham have suffered so many consecutive defeats in the Premier League.