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NBA/grandmother passed away this morning, Durant missed the 75 star recognition ceremony

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According to reports, Kevin Durant missed today’s All-Star Game due to the death of his grandmother this morning, and also did not attend the 75-star recognition ceremony at the midfield.

Durant is the player with the most votes in the Eastern Division of the All-Star Game, but was forced to miss due to injury problems, replaced by LaMelo Ball, and his starting position was replaced by Jayson Tatum.

In addition to LaMelo Ball, Dejounte Murray and Jarrett Allen also replaced Draymond Green and James Harden respectively in the All-Star Game. Jazz star Donovan Mitchell also temporarily decided to miss the All-Star Game because of a respiratory infection.

Durant has been on hiatus since January 16. Previously, Steve Nash revealed in an interview that Durant has a chance to return to the court after the All-Star Week, but the possibility is not high.

After losing Durant, the Nets’ record can be said to be deteriorating. Currently ranked 8th in the Eastern Conference with 31 wins and 28 losses, the road to the playoffs seems to be full of crises.

Embiid secretly lured Harden after the game, the 76ers may soar to the sky

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“The King” Joel Embiid scored 40 points to beat the Bulls, and his post-game remarks were thought-provoking and could lure James Harden to join them.

The 76ers won despite DeRozan’s 45 points. Embiid has been an eye-catching performance lately, has become the leader of the NBA, and has the upper hand in the MVP race.

After the game, Embiid was pleased with the Sixers’ recent performance. “We beat some of the top teams, but we also lost some games that we should have won,” Embiid said. “So there’s always some ups and downs, and we’re still on the line. If we want to have a chance, It has to be perfect. I have to stay that way, stay dominant, and do more.”

Harden has already appeared in the rumors of a trade with the 76ers, and Embiid’s remarks will make Harden even more excited.

It is conceivable what the prospects of the already excellent 76ers will be if Harden is added.