NHL-Red Wings scored three consecutive goals to reverse the Sharks to tie the total score to 2-3

The NHL jerseys for sale North American Hockey League continues to compete in the divisional semifinals. NFL jerseys cheap In the just-concluded game, the Detroit Red Wings scored three consecutive goals in a disadvantageous situation from a 1-3 deficit, and finally reversed the San Jose Sharks 4-3, saving a match point and rewriting the big score between the two sides to 2 than 3.

Detroit Red Wings 4-3 San Jose Sharks

The Red Wings have made the playoffs 25 times in the last 27 seasons, including 20 consecutive playoff appearances, the most consecutive playoff appearances of any team in North America. https://www.egreatliving.com/ The Red Wings also have the most Stanley trophies of any U.S. NFL team, with a total of 11 trophies. However, in the first four rounds, the Red Wings did not play well and are currently 1-3 behind. Once the game loses, the Red Wings will be eliminated.

In the first quarter of the game, the Red Wings started with momentum. They launched wave after wave of attacks to the opponent’s gate, but they were unable to score. At 17 minutes and 18 seconds, he seized the opportunity and Stogu scored the ball. Afterwards, the two sides had a wonderful attack on each other, but neither scored. At the end of the first quarter, the Sharks led 1-0.

In the second quarter, the leading Sharks launched the offensive again. Their efforts were rewarded in the 15th minute and 32nd second. Paveski received a good pass from his teammate and scored to help the team expand the lead 2-0. However, the good times did not last long. After only 53 seconds, the Red Wings counterattacked successfully, and Colon Wall scored the ball to chase the score to 1-2. Neither side then converted the attack into a goal.

In the third quarter of the game, the two sides launched a goal battle. The two teams scored three goals in the first six minutes. Only 54 seconds into the game, the Sharks scored a goal to expand the result 3-1, but then they switched from offense to defense, and their tactics were somewhat conservative. In contrast, the Red Wings launched an offensive frenzy, at 3:43 and 5:29. He scored two goals in a row and tenaciously chased the score to a 3-3 tie. The two teams returned to the same starting line again. Next, the competition between the two teams became fierce. The fans at the scene got up and cheered for the home team. As a result, the Red Wings seized the opportunity at 13 minutes and 52 seconds to get a key point and lead 4-3. , and then they resisted the opponent’s onslaught and kept the score 4 to 3 until the end, so that the Sharks once again saved a match point and rewritten the big score between the two sides to 2 to 3.