NCAA/March madness is coming, the top 68 in the United States are competing for the championship

Taiwan basketball fans are familiar with the NCAA March madness in the United States, and the first round of the wild card game will start on the 16th. The NCAA March Madness is composed of the top 68 colleges and universities in the country. Not only American fans, but also overseas basketball fans are enthusiastic about it. The elites among this group of young people are selected for the future NBA. On the 16th, the lowest seeded 8 The teams fought each other to decide the final 4 major divisions and a total of 64 strong. This year, the first seed Gonzaga is still optimistic, but Kansas University, the strongest in the Big Twelve League, and Arizona University, which has the highest total winning percentage, are not easy.

March Madness
There are 32 sub-leagues and a total of 358 teams in the first NCAA level. After the regular season and the league championships, the champions of the 32-team league championships will automatically get tickets for March Madness. After evaluating the strength and record of the league, 36 non-championship teams will be selected. The team joined hands to enter March Madness. After the wild card competition of the 8 lowest-seeded teams (4 weakest league championship teams and 4 weakest non-championship teams), they took out the final national top 64 and took the lead on the 16th. The combination is the non-championship team Wyoming vs. Indiana, and the league champion Southeastern Texas vs. Texas A&M.

NCAA photo

Before the Wild Card Tournament (commonly known as the First Four in the United States), the seeding order of the 68 teams had already been drawn, and they were divided into four divisions on average. The next four major divisions will each play the top 16. For example, Southeast Texas University and Texas A&M are the 67th and 68th seeds, but they have already been drawn into the Midwest Division. The winner will officially become the 16th seed in the Midwest Division, which is the last seat in the division. Meet the division’s top seed, Kansas University (No. 3 overall).