MLB/Harbo and his brains moved to his brother to find former teammate Wang Jianmin to connect

The major league unblocking is still far away. cheap jerseys online Phillies star Bryce Harper recently shouted to the Japanese Yomiuri Giants that he intends to work part-time to kill time. cheap nfl jerseys This time, he will target the CITIC Brothers team, and he wants to connect with his former teammate Wang Jianmin. NFL , asked about job opportunities, and made Taiwan fans look super hi.

It has been more than 90 days since the major leagues entered the closure in December last year. The players have not been able to report to the spring training base. It is unknown when the season will start. , This time, I will think about my brother again.

Harbo helped himself synthesize his brother’s yellow shirt, posted it on IG for a limited time, and asked his former teammate Wang Jianmin: “Are you missing someone?” Don’t forget to mark the brother’s account; the brother also responded quickly, “Wang Gege, do you need him?”

Wang Jianmin, the current pitching coach of the Brothers Second Army, played for the Nationals from 2010 to 2012, while Harpo was promoted to the majors with the Nationals in 2012, and the two were teammates for one season.

Harbo wants to be a brother, and there are many jokes, but it is indeed feasible in terms of regulations. A few days ago, the media found out the guidelines manual issued by the players’ union to players on the eve of the closure of the stadium. Playing, like Japanese, Korean, etc.?” The answer is yes, the text is an example of the NHL in the 2004-05 season, many players chose to work overseas during the closure period, and the players union also mentioned that If this move is blocked by the major leagues, the union will help stand up for rights.