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Bengals to sign offensive tackle Rael Collins

Former Cowboys offensive tackle La’el Collins will sign with the Bengals to a three-year deal, according to NFL Network reporters on Sunday.

Collins was waived by the Cowboys at 3.17, but due to cap space considerations, the Cowboys will delay this operation until after 6.1. In order to better protect quarterback Joe Burrow, the Bengals made reinforcements on the offensive line, signing Ted Karras and Alex Cappa. with Collins.

The Cowboys had previously tried to trade Collins out, but his previous five-year, $50 million contract had no small impact. Collins has missed 21 games over the past two years due to injury or suspension. He missed the 2020 season with a hip injury, started 10 games last season and was suspended for five games.

Collins started his career as a left guard before switching to a right tackle, missing only one game from 2017-2019.

Lakers Week Observation: Revenge Raptors boost morale, Emperor approaches milestone

The Lakers’ record over the past week:

March 14 Lakers 111-140 Suns (away)

Lakers 103-114 Raptors on March 15

March 17 Lakers 104-124 Timberwolves (away)

March 19 Lakers 128-123 Raptors (away)

Record: 30 wins and 40 losses

Ranking: No. 9 in the West

TORONTO, CANADA – MARCH 18: LeBron James #6 of the Los Angeles Lakers looks on during the game against the Toronto Raptors on March 18, 2022 at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2022 NBAE (Photo by Mark Blinch/NBAE via Getty Images)

The Lakers’ record over the past week:

March 14 Lakers 111-140 Suns (away)

Lakers 103-114 Raptors on March 15

March 17 Lakers 104-124 Timberwolves (away)

March 19 Lakers 128-123 Raptors (away)

Record: 30 wins and 40 losses

Ranking: No. 9 in the West

LeBron James closes to Malone record

Before this week, James was only 135 points away from Karl Malone in the regular season. Against the Suns and the Raptors, James continued his excellent performance of the previous 50 points, scoring 30+ consecutive points. But then in Minneapolis, James and the Lakers suffered a big defeat, he only got 19 points. Fighting the Raptors again today, he made 15 of 26 shots and scored 36 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists. So far, he is only 19 points away from Malone.

Tomorrow, the Lakers will challenge the Washington Wizards on a back-to-back road. If James does not take a rest, he will most likely complete the transcendence and rise to the second place in the league’s all-time scoring list. If it doesn’t happen tomorrow, James will return to the familiar Cleveland for the next game. In addition to the recent two games against the Rockets and Timberwolves, James will be extremely efficient.

All-time regular season scoring list:

1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38387

2. Malone 36928

3. James 36909

4. Kobe 33643

TORONTO, CANADA – MARCH 18: Russell Westbrook #0 of the Los Angeles Lakers celebrates after tying the game against the Toronto Raptors on March 18, 2022 at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2022 NBAE (Photo by Mark Blinch/NBAE via Getty Images)

Schedule for the coming week (both away):

Lakers vs. Wizards on March 20

Lakers vs. Cavaliers on March 22

Lakers vs. 76ers on March 24

MLB/Harbo and his brains moved to his brother to find former teammate Wang Jianmin to connect

The major league unblocking is still far away. Phillies star Bryce Harper recently shouted to the Japanese Yomiuri Giants that he intends to work part-time to kill time. This time, he will target the CITIC Brothers team, and he wants to connect with his former teammate Wang Jianmin. , asked about job opportunities, and made Taiwan fans look super hi.

It has been more than 90 days since the major leagues entered the closure in December last year. The players have not been able to report to the spring training base. It is unknown when the season will start. , This time, I will think about my brother again.

Harbo helped himself synthesize his brother’s yellow shirt, posted it on IG for a limited time, and asked his former teammate Wang Jianmin: “Are you missing someone?” Don’t forget to mark the brother’s account; the brother also responded quickly, “Wang Gege, do you need him?”

Wang Jianmin, the current pitching coach of the Brothers Second Army, played for the Nationals from 2010 to 2012, while Harpo was promoted to the majors with the Nationals in 2012, and the two were teammates for one season.

Harbo wants to be a brother, and there are many jokes, but it is indeed feasible in terms of regulations. A few days ago, the media found out the guidelines manual issued by the players’ union to players on the eve of the closure of the stadium. Playing, like Japanese, Korean, etc.?” The answer is yes, the text is an example of the NHL in the 2004-05 season, many players chose to work overseas during the closure period, and the players union also mentioned that If this move is blocked by the major leagues, the union will help stand up for rights.

The existence of a “diary” that helped the growth of Bradley, a promising stock of Rays

Raise’s promising right-hander Taji Bradley pitched in a total of 23 games (22 starts) last season in minor A and A + classes, pitching 1/3 103 times, 12 wins and 3 losses, ERA 1.83, 123 strikeouts. I left a wonderful result. Behind the rapid growth was the existence of a “diary” that wrote down the advice obtained from pitcher coaches and others. At first, Bradley said, “I treated it like a diary,” but gradually he began to write records of his practice and games, and he began to write down advice and memorable phrases. The “diary” played a major role in daily growth.

On the first day of the spring camp a year ago, pitcher coach RC Lichtenstein advised Bradley on how to throw a cutter during pitching practice with a bullpen. He had advanced advice on how to bend the ball and how to use it for left-handed hitters, but Bradley wrote it down in his “diary” and looked back over and over again. .. Lichtenstein was impressed by how a young player strives for his future.

Bradley mlb photo
Photo by apardavila

The accumulation of such efforts played a major role in the big break of last season along with the evolution of Bradley’s own body. The right arm, who finished in the rookie class with an earned run average of 5 points in 2018, the first year of the pro, is now ranked 6th in the prospect ranking by team released by “MLB Pipeline”, and will be overall in the near future. They are expected to be in the top 100.

Rays values ​​the idea that when a coach gives advice to a player, he should not just give an answer, but ask another question. According to Lichtenstein, Bradley is one of the players who puts that team’s policy into practice, “he always understands what things mean and puts them into action, and asks more questions.” ing. “The conversation with him is really refreshing and really fun, because I never repeat the same conversation twice,” says Lichtenstein.

When writing a “diary,” Bradley says, “don’t think too much about the past, just write what you think should be improved in the future.” He only briefly notes the past consequences of what he did and what he couldn’t do, and what he needs to grow in the future. In addition, he thinks that “avoiding mistakes made by others is profitable,” and records the stories of failures heard from those around him.

Bradley humbly says, “It’s an old-fashioned way.” But what he thought was necessary was written down in his “diary” and read back regularly, which underpins the growth of his right arm, who will soon be celebrating his 21st birthday.

Bryan Grice to be 49ers quarterbacks coach

According to ESPN reporters, the 49ers will hire Brian Griese as their quarterbacks coach. Gris once commented on ESPN’s Monday Night game.

Former quarterbacks coach Rich Scangarello left the team last month to serve as offensive coordinator at the University of Kentucky.

Grees and 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan are also old acquaintances. During the 2004 and 2005 seasons, Gris played with the Pirates, and Shanahan was the team’s offensive quality management coach at the time.

This offseason, the 49ers’ quarterback is also expected to usher in changes. Former starter Jimmy Garoppolo will give way to last year’s No. 3 overall pick Trey Lance. Garoppolo, who previously underwent shoulder surgery, is also a potential trade partner.

Former Chargers coach Anthony Lynn, who was hired as assistant head coach in February, is also expected to coach the team’s running backs.

Reggie and Westbrook – from teammates to rivals

“Do I feel like a starter in this league? Why not? I grew up watching Michael Jordan play and adore his greatness, and that’s how you’re remembered. I mean, Playing off the bench was fun too, but I got up at 5 a.m. every morning in high school to shoot, and I would never say I just wanted to be a bench player. I woke up every day with the goal of being the greatest player I could be. .”

In 2013, 23-year-old Reggie Jackson said the above in an interview after a team practice. However, at that time, the starting point guard of the Oklahoma City Thunder was Russell Westbrook, who had become the top star in the league. In contrast, Reggie, who had just secured the sixth man position that season, averaged 13.1 per game. Pointed 3.9 rebounds and 4.1 assists.

From any point of view, Reggie’s statement that he wants to be the Thunder’s starting No. 1 is undoubtedly a nonsense.

Although Reggie never bluntly wanted to replace Westbrook, it was clear that the seeds of conflict between him and Westbrook had been planted since then. Although there was no head-on conflict, the relationship between the two had dropped to a freezing point, and Darnell Mayberry, then a reporter for the Thunder and the team, had the honor to record a conflict that was not a conflict.

After a late game, Mayberry, who works for The Oklahomaman, brought his laptop to the Thunder locker room, hoping to finish his postgame interview before the deadline. So he found an unused locker and sat in a chair ready to start his interview work. However, at this time, Westbrook in the locker room came over and said: “Only the players can sit on the chair.”. Interestingly, when Reggie Jackson saw this, he pushed his chair in front of Mayberry and signaled that he could sit on it.

“For me, at that point in time, Reggie gave me his chair in the locker room, and it was clear there was a conflict between him and Westbrook,” recalls Mayberry, who witnessed the entire event afterward. .

Then came the 2014 playoffs. After three games in the first round, the Thunder, the second seed in the West, temporarily trailed the seventh seed Grizzlies 1-2. However, in the crucial G4, Durant and Westbrook scored only 30 points on 11 of 45 shots. Instead, Reggie, who came off the bench, scored a game-high 32 points and led the Thunder to a three-point victory to tie the total score. However, when it came to the post-match interview, it was still Dewey Second Young Master who showed up at the press conference, and there was no sign of Reggie, the hero of the victory.

“It looks like KD and Russell don’t want him (Reggie) in the limelight,” Darnell Mayberry said.

What went wrong with Bielsa’s Leeds United? How can Marsh help the team avoid relegation?

The Argentine left the team as a modern-day Leeds legend, so how did things unravel so quickly that brought his side so close to relegation?

Bielsa’s sacking once again proved that the huge wealth gap between the Premier League and the Championship leaves no room for affection.

The club will lose at least £50m if Leeds are relegated this season, whatever anyone has to say about the team’s recent performance, this is the “hardest decision ever made by chairman Andrea Radrizzani to sack Bielsa” “The only reason.

Bielsa has rightfully become a Leeds legend, and he’s not the first to revive a sleeping giant or take a Championship club to the middle of the Premier League, but few have built such a strong presence in the process. Emotional bond.

Ultimately, the fear of relegation has outweighed the feelings; outweighed the bonds that make this project so special. Relationships like these are no longer considered the most important part of football, a harsh indictment of modern football.

It has been suggested that Bielsa is likely to leave at the end of the season anyway, so it would be pragmatic rather than callous to bring his departure forward by a few months.

But, even if it were true, Bielsa deserved a chance to battle relegation and go away in his own way, to a standing ovation and goodbye from the fans at Elland Road.

We have reason to believe that Leeds United may be able to stay out of the relegation, despite the fact that the team’s bottom line has completely fallen over the past few weeks.

Yes, this has all the hallmarks of a typical Bielsa debacle, but it should be noted that before those six winless games – including three against traditional Liu Qiang, by the way – they were already on a winning streak in the Premier League. .

Leeds are still not in the relegation zone and a recovery is possible with Calvin Phillips and Liam Cooper returning after a fortnight.

Bielsa deserves this chance to turn the tide, not least because he shouldn’t be a victim of his own success. The majority of Leeds’ players are still of Championship standard and he should not be punished for failing to repeat the miracle.

However, given the apparent slump in form, Ladrizzani would find his decision justified, even though the underlying numbers point to a simple story of injuries disrupting Bielsa’s season.

Their expected goals (xG) and expected goals conceded (xGA) figures are significantly worse than last year. As things stand, by the end of the season, they will have 12 fewer expected goals and 13 more expected goals conceded, which is a 25-goal difference, and these figures neatly capture Leeds United’s The question is how it arises in both restricted areas.

If that sounds obvious, the point here is that Leeds continue to play with the same tactical dexterity, desire and skill in the overall structure of their attacking and defensive organisation. What’s missing are those final blows — those final blows made by Bamford on offense or Cooper on defense.

Compared to last season, Leeds have the same number of shots on goal (13.7 per game) and similar chances created (9.88 per game, down from 10.4 last season), but their goal conversion rate has improved from last season’s 11.9% dropped to 8.2%. Bielsa really needs Bamford.

Defensively, Leeds’ passes per defensive action (PPDA, a measure of a team’s pressing ability) have actually improved this season, falling from 10.3 to 9.7, while their interceptions have also increased. Up slightly, at 10.8 per game compared to 10.4 in 2020-21.

But Leeds kept conceding the ball because they lacked Cooper, who last season was in interceptions (2.4 per game), tackles (2.7 per game), blocked (1.3 per game) and won in the air Confrontation (3.8 per game) ranks first in Leeds United.

Clearly, something has really changed over the past six games, with exhaustion and lack of confidence allowing Bielsa’s high-stakes tactics to fall like a house of cards.

That’s always been the case for a team so fine-tuned and so focused on offense, but with Cooper and Phillips back, a sense of control and order is likely to reappear in the next easier schedule roundup.

That state of optimism now awaits Jesse Marsh, the former New York and Salzburg head coach, who will be named as Bielsa’s successor.

Marsh was sacked earlier this season during his six-month tenure at RB Leipzig, which finished 11th in the Bundesliga in the Champions League, but Leeds fans shouldn’t be let down by the small Intimidated by the episode.

Until then, Marsh’s career had been on a sharp upward trajectory, and even the end at Leipzig could be read positively.

Marsh wasn’t a good fit, as Nagelsmann changed the club’s tactical positioning, turning Leipzig into a more patient and possession-oriented team, not interested in high-intensity pressing. For Marsh, who came from the German academic school, it was too difficult to put things back in the other direction.

It was by no means his task at Leeds – a club with a tactical vision that was largely the same as the incoming manager.

The fundamentals that gave Marsh back-to-back doubles at Salzburg are similar to those of Rangnick, who appointed Marsh as his assistant manager at Leipzig.

As Rangnick’s protégé, it’s no surprise that Marsh believes in high pressing and attacking with a sharp vertical ball. He wants his team to press up front and take advantage of the ensuing chaos to break down the opposition’s defence, moving quickly into the back in typical Germanic style.

This makes his transition to Bielsa seamless, although some of the riskier practices of Bielsa’s time will be limited. Marsh is less dogmatic and will take a more dispassionate and pragmatic approach to his task.

Above all, he doesn’t believe in the man-to-man press that Bielsa used, which meant an end to those frantic fights and a void in midfield.

Instead, under Marsh, Leeds will try to stay in a compact system, keep the distance between players small, and press in a formation-preserving manner – blocking space, not players.

Marsh’s Leeds will be more like Hasenhuttl’s Southampton; defined by pressing and attacking transitions, but also understand the need to fall into a safer midfield for extended periods of time against stronger opponents necessity.

The relaxation of the most demanding and revealing aspects of Bielsa’s tactics, combined with the return of Cooper, Phillips and Bamford, may be enough to restore some balance to the squad.

It won’t be exciting or emotional, but it’s a smart appointment as the next step in Leeds’ mission to become a full-fledged Premier League team.

WSBL / Song Peixin, the first Chinese female player to make her debut in the first cycle

In the 17th season of WSBL, Chinese-American players are open to join. Taiyuan team “rushes to burn” and signed up for “Sophia” Song Peixin, who has NCAA first-level qualifications, but the new members have not received work permits, so it is still unknown whether they can catch up with the opening game on the 17th. .

Taiyuan coach Qiu Qiyi said that Song Peixin had already finished her isolation, but because she has not yet obtained her work permit, she can only train independently and cannot join the team for practice.

“We have a men’s basketball team (Yulong), we know the process, and we can’t participate in team training without a work permit.” Qiu Qiyi mentioned that if it goes well, Song Peixin’s work permit may be available this week, so there is a chance to start the first round on the 17th. Appeared.

Song Peixin, 23, was born in California, the United States, and her father is Taiwanese. She won the Almont League Player of the Year 3 times in high school, and won the NCAA-level UC Davis scholarship. After graduating from college, she went to study in the UK and joined the British basketball league WBBL.

Qiu Qiyi said that Song Peixin initially wanted to die to study at a new university, but due to the possibility of being over-aged, he finally did not get his wish. He Zhengfeng, the new coach of the world, introduced that Lin Fangrong, the agent of “Sophia”, was also born in the Taiyuan women’s basketball system. Connect online.

“I have seen her videos. She prefers fixed-point shooters, which can raise the team’s height.” Qiu Qiyi mentioned that if Song Peixin, who is 176 cm, can integrate into the team system, plus Luo Peizhen, who is 175 cm, Huang Pinzhen, who is 179 cm, and Wu Yingjie, who is 178 cm. With Zhuo Jing and Fang Yu, who are 172 cm in height, the average height is about 175 cm, which is a very beautiful “height”, and their positions do not overlap with each other. It is expected that the new combination can progress towards the set championship goal.

NBA/grandmother passed away this morning, Durant missed the 75 star recognition ceremony

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According to reports, Kevin Durant missed today’s All-Star Game due to the death of his grandmother this morning, and also did not attend the 75-star recognition ceremony at the midfield.

Durant is the player with the most votes in the Eastern Division of the All-Star Game, but was forced to miss due to injury problems, replaced by LaMelo Ball, and his starting position was replaced by Jayson Tatum.

In addition to LaMelo Ball, Dejounte Murray and Jarrett Allen also replaced Draymond Green and James Harden respectively in the All-Star Game. Jazz star Donovan Mitchell also temporarily decided to miss the All-Star Game because of a respiratory infection.

Durant has been on hiatus since January 16. Previously, Steve Nash revealed in an interview that Durant has a chance to return to the court after the All-Star Week, but the possibility is not high.

After losing Durant, the Nets’ record can be said to be deteriorating. Currently ranked 8th in the Eastern Conference with 31 wins and 28 losses, the road to the playoffs seems to be full of crises.

Broncos hire Rams assistant Eveiro as defensive coordinator

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The Broncos announced Thursday that they have hired Rams second-line coach and passing coordinator Ejiro Evero as their new defensive coordinator.

Eveiro served as a safety coach for the Rams in the 2017-2020 season, and previously served in the Packers, 49ers, and Pirates coaching staff, all serving as a defensive quality control coach. Eveiro served as a defensive assistant for the 49ers.

In addition, the Broncos announced the hiring of Dwayne Stukes as special services coordinator and Marcus DIxon as defensive line coach.

Stokes has coached the NFL for 14 years and was an assistant for the Rams’ special services team last season. Dixon has coached the Rams’ defensive line for the past two years.

Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett has already decided on the offensive coordinator: Packers longtime colleague Justin Outten.