WSBL / Song Peixin, the first Chinese female player to make her debut in the first cycle

In the 17th season of WSBL, Chinese-American players are open to join. Taiyuan team “rushes to burn” and signed up for “Sophia” Song Peixin, who has NCAA first-level qualifications, but the new members have not received work permits, so it is still unknown whether they can catch up with the opening game on the 17th. .

Taiyuan coach Qiu Qiyi said that Song Peixin had already finished her isolation, but because she has not yet obtained her work permit, she can only train independently and cannot join the team for practice.

“We have a men’s basketball team (Yulong), we know …

NBA/grandmother passed away this morning, Durant missed the 75 star recognition ceremony

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According to reports, Kevin Durant missed today’s All-Star Game due to the death of his grandmother this morning, and also did not attend the 75-star recognition ceremony at the midfield.

Durant is the player with the most votes in the Eastern Division of the All-Star Game, but was forced to miss due to injury problems, replaced by LaMelo Ball, and his starting position was replaced by Jayson Tatum.

In addition to LaMelo Ball, Dejounte Murray and Jarrett Allen also replaced Draymond Green and James Harden respectively in the All-Star Game. Jazz star Donovan Mitchell also temporarily decided …

Broncos hire Rams assistant Eveiro as defensive coordinator

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The Broncos announced Thursday that they have hired Rams second-line coach and passing coordinator Ejiro Evero as their new defensive coordinator.

Eveiro served as a safety coach for the Rams in the 2017-2020 season, and previously served in the Packers, 49ers, and Pirates coaching staff, all serving as a defensive quality control coach. Eveiro served as a defensive assistant for the 49ers.

In addition, the Broncos announced the hiring of Dwayne Stukes as special services coordinator and Marcus DIxon as defensive line coach.

Stokes has coached the NFL for 14 years and was an assistant for the …

Tottenham suffers three-game losing streak, Conte admits that there is little hope of entering the top four

Tottenham suffered a three-game losing streak again, Conte admits that the team has little hope of competing for the fourth

After losing 2-0 to Wolves, Tottenham suffered a three-game losing streak, and Conte admitted that the team’s hopes of competing for the fourth place were very slim.

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The goals of Jimenez and Dendonkel in the first half allowed the away Wolves to take all 3 points in North London, and now Tottenham has only 0 points in the past 3 league rounds.

Conte, who has been undefeated in 9 consecutive games since taking office, has now suffered …

NHL officially confirms that players will not participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics due to the epidemic

North American Hockey League (NHL) President Bateman said today that due to the disruption of the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) epidemic, NHL players will not participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics Men’s Ice Hockey Tournament in February next year.

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Agence France-Presse reported that the NHL announced today that it is suspending competitions after 50 games were postponed because of the COVID-19 infection of many team members. On the occasion of the Olympics.

Gary Bettman said in a statement today that the NHL respects and appreciates players’ desire to represent their country and participate in “sports’ highest …

Wagner, a strong arm who expects to be inducted into the Hall of Fame by increasing the percentage of votes, “I am the majority”

Billy Wagner, who played an active role as one of the leading closers in the ball world centered on the Astros, was the seventh challenge to vote for the National Baseball Hall of Fame this time. In all of the first four times, the percentage of votes was 10% or more and less than 20%, but when it increased significantly to 31.7% in 2020, which was the fifth challenge, it steadily increased to 46.4% last time and 51.0% this time. The voter turnout is increasing. “I’m in the majority right now. More than half of the voters think they should …

Embiid secretly lured Harden after the game, the 76ers may soar to the sky

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“The King” Joel Embiid scored 40 points to beat the Bulls, and his post-game remarks were thought-provoking and could lure James Harden to join them.

The 76ers won despite DeRozan’s 45 points. Embiid has been an eye-catching performance lately, has become the leader of the NBA, and has the upper hand in the MVP race.

After the game, Embiid was pleased with the Sixers’ recent performance. “We beat some of the top teams, but we also lost some games that we should have won,” Embiid said. “So there’s always some ups and downs, and we’re still on …

Deshaun Jackson: No one can stop me

Washington Redskins star wide receiver DeSean Jackson (DeSean Jackson) has always been labeled as super confident and outspoken. In an interview with ESPN on Monday local time, he boldly claimed that no one can defend himself, he said: “I don’t think nobody can stop me, I’ve always felt that way. Nobody can stop me, whether you have Darrell Revis or Richard Sherman on it I’m useless, no one can come.”

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Jackson made the remarks after reporters asked him after practice how he felt about new teammate Chris Culliver’s defense. Jackson, entering his second year with the Redskins, …