Steelers quarterback Ross Lisberg: May usher in the last home game

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Although not clearly stated, the Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) believes that next week may be his last home regular season game for the Steelers.

Ross Lisberg said on Thursday: “From the perspective of the overall situation, everything is pointing to this possibility. I know that if everything goes well and the team is fighting, we still have a chance to make the playoffs. But in terms of the regular season. , This may be my last home regular season.”

As a first-round pick in 2004, Ross Lisberger accepted a pay cut and returned to …

Retired from Seager “I knew I would say goodbye to baseball in the final round of the season.”

On October 3rd (local time), the Mariners, who had the potential to advance to the postseason, fought the final match of the season against the Angels at the overcrowded home of T-Mobile Park. The game was inferior from the beginning, and Kyle Seager, who had been in the starting lineup at “4th and 3rd base”, was replaced in the middle of the 9th inning. He retired to the bench with great cheers. At this time, few must have noticed that Seger could never be seen playing as a major leaguer. However, knowing that Seger himself would be the last active …

The most famous controversy in NHL history

In the sixth game of the 1999 finals, Xingchen and Sabre fought an epic battle. The two teams won only three extensions. However, the scene of “Foot in the crease” at the end of the game became a famous controversy in NHL history. one.

In professional sports events, “controversy” is an unavoidable part. In addition to off-field disputes, judgments on the field often become the focus of attention. The game caused an uproar.

On the fast-paced ice hockey rink, the number of controversial judgments is countless. The most well-known incident occurred on the most grand stage of the NHL: the …